1. General:

One-Third of GHGs Come From Food Systems
Globally, 1/3rd of greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems.

2. Eat Local:

Local Foood, Urban Agriculture — Seattle Tilth
Great compilation for Seattle & Western Washington links on urban agriculture and local food.

3. More Organic:

More Organic References

4. Less Meat:

Less Meat references

5. Less Food Waste:

Fixing Food Waste
The U.S. wastes 63 million tons of food annually. We spend $218 billion (1.3% GDP) growing, processing & transporting food that is wasted. Various solutions can reduce food waste 20%.
Less Food Waste, David Suzuki
Tips to cut food waste.
U.S. Food Waste Challenge, USDA
Tips for reducing food waste.

6. Food Policy:

Food & Agriculture | Union of Concerned Scientists
Current U.S. Food Policy is broken. It needs to change to address climate change, to provide healthier food and to reduce economic inequality.

Eating For a Healthy Planet 2016