Current U.S. Food Policy rewards the wrong kind of agriculture.  We need changes to our national food policy that optimizes health, addresses climate change and reduces economic inequality.  Here are the kinds of changes in food policy that are needed (adapted from Union of Concerned Scientists, 1).

  1. Promote Production of Fruits & Vegetables.
  2. Transition Away From Fossil-Fuel- & Monoculture-Based Industrial Agriculture.
  3. Appoint A National Food Policy Advisor.
  4. Focus Agricultural Research on Sustainable, Diversified Farming Systems.
  5. Encourage Reintegration of Livestock on to Farms and Away from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
  6. Educate a New Generation of Farmers.
  7. Use Anti-Trust Laws to Restore Competition in Food Markets.
  8. Establish a Federal Grain Reserve to Reduce Volaility in Commodity Markets.
  9. Ensure Fair Wages for Farm Workers.
  10. Enforce Worker Safety Rules to Protect Workers from Field to Factory.
  11. Expand Farmers Markets.
  12. Prioritize Regional Food Producers in Federal Food Procurement.
  13. Require Municipal and Institutional Composting.
  14. Promote Food Education.
  15. Support Transparency in Food Labelling.  
  16. Ban Pesticides that are Killing Bees
  17. Ensure that the Next Farm Bill Shifts Subsidies Away from Industrial Agriculture 
  18. Support the Food Recovery Act in Congress to Establish Standardized, Safety-Based Food Expiration Dates

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