Eat Local Foods - Climate Change Benefits (more). 

Food travels 1,300 miles and changes hands 6 times, on average.  Transport by boat, truck, rail or air can have very different carbon footprints.  Eating local reduces transport GHG emissions.  

When we eat out of season, our food has to be shipped, often from a distant country, adding to the GHG footprint.


Eat Local Foods - Other Benefits (more):

Fresher Produce

Healthier Food

Supports Local Farmers

Stimulates the Local Economy


Ways to Eat Local Foods (more):

Shop at Farmer’s Markets

Subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Shop Groceries that Feature Local Food (eg. Puget Consumer Coop or PCC)

Garden (i.e. Container, Yard or Community)    


Policy Advocacy for Local Food (more):

Prioritize Regional Food Producers in Federal Food Procurement

Expand Farmers’ Markets

Educate a New Generation of Farmers & Provide Subsidies / Loans 

Eating For a Healthy Planet 2016